Looking for the best wedding DJ Charleston has to offer?

Thinking about a wedding DJ for your wedding in Charleston, SC?

Meet DJ Miketech, one of the Holy City’s most wanted wedding DJs.

How are you feeling now that you’re engaged to the love of your life? You’ve probably got butterflies still from this amazing moment. You are probably ready to start your new life, and it’s time to start with the wedding preparations including picking a Charleston wedding venue, catering, decor, guest lists and more.

There are a myriad of things to do and dozens of choices to make for your wedding, but one of the most important choices is wedding entertainment! What kind of entertainment do you want at your wedding? For many, a seasoned wedding DJ in Charleston, SC is the best option.

Entertainment can make or break any event. There was a time when dance bands were the most preferred choice of entertainment. In recent times, you will find most of the couples prefer a wedding DJ in Charleston.

You want your big day to be magical and memorable, so we have compiled a few reasons for choosing a DJ for your wedding.

wedding dj charleston dj miketech

1. A wedding DJ keeps things moving

When it comes to weddings, the thing that guests remember most is food and entertainment. Having a skilled wedding DJ who can dexterously amplify the crowd’s mood and will have your guests talking about your event for years to come. A great DJ can also make sure things stay on schedule throughout the wedding day. DJ Miketech is the ultimate party starter.

2. An experienced DJ can cater to your music requests

There is nothing more fun than dancing crazily at your wedding with your family and friends to the songs you love the most. As weddings are overwhelming, the preparations for them can be hectic. Hiring a wedding DJ who can sit down with you, understand your needs, and execute great music all night is a must. A professional DJ has his database filled with a zillion songs, enabling him to mix all types of genres—one of DJ Miketech’s strongest assets.

3. They can read the crowd

The biggest benefit of having a wedding DJ in Charleston is that you have a consistently adapting playlist. The DJ can read the crowd and can enhance the playlist based on the mood and preference of you and your guests. Having a dynamic entertainer in the house makes for a memorable wedding.

4. They set the tone

One of the biggest perks of hiring a DJ is that it can set the tone for the whole evening. With a proficient DJ at the helm, you can relax knowing that the entertainment is in great hands. The DJ also typically can control the mic, making announcements, getting the crowd engaged, and moving the wedding along. DJ Miketech is a radio vet, so his mic skills are exceptional for weddings.

5. You’ll get a perfect wide-ranging playlist

It is important for you as a couple that the songs that hold great meaning for you should be played on your special night. However, when it comes to the overall playlist, it should cater to the guests also. This way, you can ensure that everyone is having a great time collectively. DJ Miketech has all the music you could want from all genres including country, rock, R&B, hip hop and more!

Hire DJ Miketech for your Wedding Entertainment

No one forgets an amazing wedding, or a bad wedding either. A professional wedding DJ from Charleston can help you to make your wedding the most memorable one, and DJ Miketech is your choice for your Charleston wedding DJ!

You want your special day to be a remarkable one then feel free to contact us today or call (843) 847-6453.

“We are so thankful that DJ Miketech swooped in at the last minute and saved our wedding day! Our friend-of-a-friend DJ fell through the week before the wedding, but after talking with Mike just FIVE days before the event all of my worries about having a fun party vibe were assuaged – he not only told us to relax and let him handle the music, he took our preferences to heart and played the BEST mix of music for our reception! I’ve never seen so many wedding guests hit the dance floor and STAY on the dance floor… he facilitated the fun party I’d always hoped for for my wedding! Best DJ in the South… give him a call!” – Kate

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